In The Knick Of Time! For Knicks Fans Only


In The Knick Of Time! For Knicks Fans Only

Wednesday a large group of diehard NY Knick fans called KF4L (Knick Fans 4 Life) assembled outside of the “Worlds Most Famous Arena” to voice their frustrations towards James Dolan and his Cohorts and/or minions who have been running “our team” (Yes i said OUR because i myself am a diehard Knicks fan) in the mud for the better part of the last 10-15 years. Starting with the idiotic trade of Patrick Ewing to the then Seattle Super Sonics in 2000 (Yeah im taking it back). That was the beginning of the end. It always baffled me as to why they were so eager to trade Ewing instead of letting his contract expire. That started the whole salary cap hell we were inthralled in until the 2010 off season (Thank You Donnie Walsh for getting us out of that hole).

Knick fans voicing their true feelings!

Knick fans voicing their true feelings!

This team has been the laughing stock of the whole NBA. People like Charles Barkley always seems to find time to smear the Knicks. LeBron James never seemed to take us seriously during our courtship because of the inept coach we had in place at the time Mike D’Antoni, who in my opinion was the worst NY Knicks coach in recent memory. His tenure did nothing to return the Knicks to respectability. I always felt that this was one of Donnie Walsh’s two mistakes as GM. He should have went with Mark Jackson. Also i’m on record with this with the people that know me, the Amar’e Stoudamire (23.1 ppg 8.9 rebs) deal was horrible. Always felt that the Knicks should have stayed with David Lee (20.2 ppg 11.7 rebs). 

*************************Games Played       Pts (Avg)       Rebs (avg)      FG%        FT%  (since 2010-11 as of 3/20/2014)

David Lee                          274                      18.4                10.0             51.3         78.8

Amar’e Stoudamire         206                      17.0                  6.4             52.8         76.9

Lee has played more Games, avg more Pts & Rebs since the start of the 2010-2011 NBA season. My sole purpose is not to bash Amar’e, it’s to point out that the Knicks would have been a better off keeping D. Lee.

As for Mike D’Antoni his only shining moment was the Linsanity 

Tired Jeremy Lin

Tired Jeremy Lin

explosion that helped saved his job for the rest of that season. That move was also reluctant, he simply could can not coach. Reference the Lakers this season and last season as well.

The Knicks should not have let Lin go. I loved what Jeremy did for the team. He pushed the ball, had high energy, found the open man. He made Jared Jeffries look like a real NBA player during his stretch as a starter. Steve Novak owes him some money too. It’s because of Jeremy Lin he got the contract from the Knicks. That team played hard and together. The Knicks decided to let him go after telling him they’re going to re-sign him no matter what. Then Dolan gets angry cause the Rockets called his bluff. So what do the Knicks do? they turn to Raymond Felton who i long felt was a waay below avg player. Might be a nice guy but he’s horrible as a NY Knick point guard.

I am however, happy to see that Phil Jackson decided to take the job and move us forward. I always believed that the person or people who spearhead a NBA championship to NY will forever live in infamy. 1 ring here is worth the 5 in L.A (in my opinion) i think Phil know that as well.

knicks bball

My Message to James Dolan:

Believe it or not i actually like you as an owner, just not for my Knicks how about you sell your ownership to someone else and then purchase the NY Mets. With the amount of money you like to spend you are perfect for Baseball. There is no salary cap. You can always go above and beyond to pay players who don’t really deserve it. Please allow Phil to run the team how he see fits. We’ve seen you go back on your word before Ala Jeremy Lin.

I know that you want to win just as much as we do. As a leader/owner of a major corporation you must allow others who are capable to do the grunt work and just smile for the camera when it’s pointed at you. Oh and James if this doesn’t work you can always #SELLTHETEAM.

Knicks Fans 4 Life aka KF4L

Knicks Fans 4 Life aka KF4L

Present Day:

As for the team this year i felt that Mike Woodson has lost his mojo his substitutions are horrible he doesn’t put the right mix of players on the floor together. His love affair with JR Smith and Raymond Felton is baffling and will ultimately cost him his job. I Don’t know if the Knicks will make the playoffs this season and deep down i really don’t want them too either. The term fools gold comes to mind. Let’s say we make a run and get into the playoffs take Miami or Indy to 7 games or even better beat of of those teams. This will then have people thinking that all is needed is some minor tinkering NO! I’m not saying rebuild but we must not be fooled by anything we see from the now until the rest of the season. Good thing Phil is here because he’s nobody’s fool.

knicks bball

The Future:

Sure i would love for Melo to stay and i don’t understand his point of view about being a free agent when all he’s going to do is sign the max anyway. If he’s willing to take 30 mil less to go to another team to win. Why not take 30 mil less here and allow us to get you some real help. See this is where athletes put their feet in their mouth. It makes very lil sense but hey it’s his choice, having said that i hope Melo stays i’m a big fan of his. Providing he does stay we need to go after a guy like Kevin Love.

How to improve the team:

1. Do Not trade Amar’e, Tyson, Bargnani.Let their Contracts expire.

2. Do not trade Shumpert or Hardaway Jr.

3. Find a coach that has the passion and knowledge for the game.

4. Im not saying hire Ewing as the coach but atleast interview him. You never know Pat might actually be really good. How fitting would that be if the Knicks finally win a ring with Ewing as their coach? Talk about full circle.

5. Try to Sign Kevin Love & and i really good  PG. (not high on Rondo because of injuries)

6. Trade Felton & JR for picks if possible.

7. Try to keep Tyson at a much lower price point.

8. Find glue guys/goons Reggie Evans/Ronny Turiaf type of players they always come in handy.

knicks bball


Is this i’m a huge Knicks fan and it pains me to see them lose like this. Eventhough i wasn’t at the fan rally on Wednesday i was there in spirit/heart/passion. Shoutout to Knicks Fans 4 Life for organizing that hopefully i’ll be able to make out to the next big Knick event. Like a parade down the canyon of heroes, feel me?


Walt “Clyde” Frazier- For always being the coolest, most down to earth person in the room.

KF4L- For taking a stand!

KNICKS FANS.. WE UNITE STRONG & BLEED ORANGE & BLUE IN BATTLE TOGETHER… Facebook Page – For giving us a true forum.

Spike Lee– despite the $ & the Fame you’re a real Knick fan

Stephen A. Smith -For always keeping real

Signing off a true blue Spike Lee type of Knick (Minus the $$$) Fan 4 Life

knicks bball

Links for Knick Fans

as Always #TellMeHowiLookNow

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