28 Days of Black History Month: Crispus Attucks

28 Days of Black History Month (February 1st)

Crispus Attucks (1723-1770)

Crispus Attucks (1723-1770)


Crispus Attucks of Boston, Massachusetts was a Pioneer and Martyr of the American Revolution. He was widely considered to be the 1st casualty of the now infamous Boston Massacre. History has conflicting stories of his ethnicity, but he was undoubtedly African American and Native American. Often described as being Mulatto (Which meant he was of mixed race and had a lighter skin color). Mr. Attucks was a Freed slave who worked in Boston as a Merchant at the shipyards.

Crispus Attucks as history has told us was the 1st person to stand up against the rule of the Brittish King George. He lead a crew of men into the town square and faced off against the 29th regiment of the Brittish Army. He paid for this with his life, as he was struck twice in the chest from a soldiers gun. Crispus Attucks‘ actions were further proof that Blacks considered themselves Americans too, even before such a term existed. When they write the history of this country his name should not be left out.

Editor’s Note: Crispus Attucks we salute you!


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