28 Days of Black History Month: Benjamin Banneker

28 Days of Black History Month (February 2nd)

Benjamin Banneker (Nov, 9th 1731- Oct, 9th 1806)

Benjamin Banneker (November, 9th 1731- October, 9th 1806)


Benjamin Banneker of Baltimore County, Maryland was a Scientist, Farmer, Surveyor, Educator among many other notable titles was also a freeman growing up in the grips of slavery in the south. Benjamin Banneker is most commonly considered to be the first “African American Intellectual”. This man was amazing, he was mostly self taught and had a great mind analytically speaking. He studied his craft to the point where he could accurately predict solar eclipses and ocean tides.

Benjamin Banneker was also directly appointed by then President George Washington to assist Andrew Ellicott in the land surveying in the soon to be Nations Capital, Washington, D.C. He was also widely regarded for having a great memory. President Washington commissioned Pierre Charles L’Enfant to design to the “Federal City”. After Mr. L’Enfant was removed from his duties via the President he took with him his blueprints. Benjamin Banneker ReCreated the the plans based off of his memory and the “Federal City” was full speed ahead.

Editor’s Note: It goes without saying that African Americans played a huge part in the very foundation of this country. To not have any Black considered to be the one of the many “Founding Fathers” of this nation is a travesty. Benjamin Banneker is just one of many African Americans that can with great pride and distinction should be honored in such a way.


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