28 Days of Black History Month: Nat Turner

28 Days of Black History Month (February 3rd)


Nat Turner (1800-1831)

The above pic is only a artists’ drawing of Nat Turner used for a wanted poster.

Nat turner (1801-1831)


On August 21st, 1831 Nat Turner a slave in Southampton County, Virginia. Stated that he received a sign from God to avenge the atrocities of slavery. So he gathered up a crew of slaves who agreed with him and they went on what was reported a 24 hour killing crusade against the slavers. Traveling from plantation to plantation seeking out slave owners and their family members. The slave rebellion as it was called ultimately were responsible for the deaths of at least 50 white slave owners although some estimates were as high as 60. However, The Rebellion was short-lived Turner was captured on November 5, 1831 and subsequently Hung, Beheaded, and Dismembered. The Rebellion led to even more stringent rules and laws for the slaves. They would no longer allowed to learn, gather in large crowds and a White minister had to be present at all churches and places of Worship. Over 200 black slaves and free blacks were convicted and hung. Even if they had nothing to do with the Rebellion, a point had to be made.

Editors note:
While many people may look at the story of Nat Turner as a very controversial figure due to the fact that he lead a Rebellion that included the murder of women and children. His place in history should not be forgotten or ignored. One would have to think back about a time in history when it was common place for a black man to be hung, beheaded, Whipped and forced to a live life no more valuable than a housefly. Treated as property and not as humans. Say what you want but Nat Turner took a stand for the injustice and the inhumanity of slavery.

(Remember History is told by the Victors!)



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