28 Days of Black History Month: Dorothy Jean Dandridge

28 Days of Black History Month (February 6th)

Dorothy Dandridge

Dorothy Dandridge (November 9, 1922 – September 8, 1965)


Beauty personified, Dorothy Jean Dandridge was more than just Pretty Face. She was an accomplished & certifiable star by all of Hollywood standards, except one. Her skin color, but she was a triple threat for sure. She could Sing, Dance & act. Dorothy Dandridge is renown for being the 1st African American Women nominated for a Academy Award for Best Actress with her performance of “Carmen Jones” in 1955. She lost to Grace Kelly but nonetheless it put her on the map as a star.

Dorothy Dandridge was born on November 9th, 1922 in Cleveland, Ohio. She went on to star in many films including “Porgy & Bess” the film that garnered her another Academy Award Nominee this time for the “Golden Globes”. Dorothy was a talented performer and toured the world over. She appeared in dozens of Hollywood films, many of them uncredited. She only had 1 child (Harolyn) who was born with Brain Damage & Dorothy took great care of her. Until she couldn’t afford her care after experiencing financial trouble. Many people believe this led to her having a bouts with Depression and alcoholism. She stayed off of the scene for many years. As she was on track for a career revival, a close friend/Manager found her on the floor of her bathroom. On September 8th, 1965 42 year old Dorothy Dandridge was dead of an apparent Prescription pills overdose.

Editor’s Note:

Dorothy Dandridge is one of those Hollywood stories that has gone unrecognized for many years. She help set a standard for African American Actors and Actresses. A Great deal of respect and admiration is due to her. Appearing in many films where her voice and presence was heard and visible, yet not acknowledged. We Honor you and it doesn’t matter if you won an Academy Award or not you’re a winner to us! #Thankyou.



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