28 Days of Black History Month: Charles Hamilton Houston

28 Days of Black History Month (February 9th)

Charles Hamilton Houston

Charles Hamilton Houston (September 3, 1895 – April 22, 1950)


Charles Hamilton Houston or as many people would call him “The Man Who Killed Jim Crow”, was a very important figure in history. Mr Houston Was Harvard educated, first attending and graduating from Amherst College as valedictorian in 1915. His many accomplishments include mentoring and training very esteemed African American lawyers. Among the group of lawyers was a young and very eager Thurgood Marshall. Thurgood Marshall would later become the 1st African American appointed the to serve as a Supreme Court Justice. 

As an attorney, Mr. Houston played a key role in as the lead attorney in the historic case “Brown Vs. Board of Education”. As a result of a victory the Supreme Court changed their official position of Segregationist ideals. No longer would we live in a country where “Separate but Equal” was a way of life in the south. This decision struck a blow to the Jim Crow South. At the age of 54 on April 22, 1950, he suffered a Fatal Heart Attack.

Editor’s Note:

Talk about making a direct impact on society as a whole this man did not get his just due. Hopefully we can help spread the word a lil further, in due time many more people will know the name of Charles Hamilton Houston #Thankyou.



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