28 Days of Black History Month: Granville T. Woods

28 Days of Black History Month (February 15th)

Granville T. Woods  (April 23, 1856 – January 30, 1910)

Granville T. Woods
(April 23, 1856 – January 30, 1910)


Granville T. Woods or as many would call him the “Black Edison” was a great Inventor, Electrician & Engineer. He was born on April 23rd, 1856 in Columbus, Ohio. As with most African Americans of this Era He had very little formal education. That didn’t deter him from following his dream of being an inventor. He took many odd and part time jobs working at rail yards, learning the inner workings allowed his mind to roam free. He began to think of ways to improve the system. He invented the “Inductor Telegraph” which helped communication with the workers on the trains and at the train yards. His absolute 1st invention was a “Steam Boiler Furnace” to help power machinery and provide heat for indoor use.

Granville T. Woods was an “Electrical Genius” many of his Patents we’re for the improvements of rail systems, at least 15 of them were train related. Including the “Amusement Apparatus” which basically means Roller Coaster (No. 639,692. Patented Dec. l9, I899.) For those who want to dispute it there’s the proof. Granville T. Woods was sued twice by Thomas Edison for claiming Patents that already existed and that were invented by Edison himself. However, on both occasions Edison lost the court agreed with Woods’ A very rare feat for those days. Edison even tried to hire him to work for him, Woods declined at went on to Patent over 60 inventions. When the preeminent inventor of your era tries to hire you and you decline, you’re a bad man (Bad meaning good of course). Woods wound up selling the rights to many of his Patents to GE & Westinghouse, but left very little doubt as to who actually invented them. On January 30th, 1910 he died of a Brain Tumor.

Editor’s Note:

Many people thought Nikola Tesla was Edison’s chief competition, because little was mentioned about Granville T. Woods. I’m guessing because of his skin color. All 3 were great men just wish they all received equal recognition. Granville T. Woods you were an Inpiration to many, #Thankyou.



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