In Honor Of The Great One, The Notorious B.I.G: Our Top 10 Biggie Joints!

In Honor Of The Great One, The Notorious B.I.G: Our Top 10 Biggie Joints!

The Notorious B.I.G AKA Biggie Smalls   (May 21, 1972 – March 9, 1997)

The Notorious B.I.G AKA Biggie Smalls
(May 21, 1972 – March 9, 1997)

With today marking the 18th Anniversary (March 9th) since his passing we deciced to honor our fellow Brooklynite with our list of his top 10 joints.

(Please remember this is OUR list, your perspective may be different)


10. Juicy- 

A dream became a reality & a legend was born. Driven off of the Mtume song of the same name in 1983 Juicy Fruit. This his first single off of his Debut Album 1993’s Ready To Die, Big raps about starting from nothing to making it to the top. Too many Hip Hop Quotables in this song. He painted the picture and you felt the realism in the lyrics, i immediately became a fan. 

9. Mo money, Mo problems (F. Puff Daddy & Mase)
Another track that borrows the music of a classic record by Diana Ross 1980’s I’m Coming out!. On this song Big, Puff & Mase rap about the trappings of success. You have to take the good with the bad, B-I-G-P-O-P-P-A-. However, they meshed perfectly with each other, classic genre defining music video Just wish BIG was there.
8. Ten Crack Commandments-
Here Biggie Eloquently gives you the rule book for hustlin’. Using a sample from Public Enemy’s 1991’s song Shut Em Down. Chuck D probably wasn’t too happy that he was sampled in that way, but the song was flat out incredible. Big redefined Hip Hop with many of his songs, Especially on his 2nd & final Album Life After Death.
7. Notorious thugs- (Featuring Bone Thugs N harmony)
It’s Bone & Biggie, Biggie! WOW talk about upping the ante. When i first heard this song i was flat out blown away. Bone Thugs N Harmony pretty much ruled the Hip Hop charts in 1996 & 1997. They had a musical style that was so different, & when we heard Big did a song with them most people scratched their collective heads. Not only was the song incredible, Bigs’ Verse has to be one of the most era defining lyrical deliveries to date. Big used Bone’s style and did an incredible flow to the song. “ARMED & DANGEROUS…”
6. Warning- (Featuring Puff Daddy)
This Song Proved that Biggie was a lyrical Beast of many formats, sure many rappers can spit but how many can tell compelling stories?. The type of stories that keeps the listener engaged the whole time. Warning, was a well thought out song coming from a honest place of basically telling people the end results of trying to rob or harm the Big Poppa.
1st King of Brooklyn!

1st King of Brooklyn!

5. Unbelievable- 
The DJ Premier produced & R. Kelly Voice sampled joint right here was the Sh*t. Big was just letting go you could hear the hunger and flow in this uptempo banger. Released almost simultaneously as Juicy this was the hood single. It wound up being considered by most people the best song on the album as well. the beat was knocking, the verses were short, powerful & to the point. This song remains in heavy rotation in my playlist.
4. Hypnotize- 
This song is bittersweet, i remember it was released a few days before Biggie was Killed. The momentum for the project was growing to a fever pitch. This was the perfect song to release spring was coming, weather was breaking & Big’s new album was on the way. Then the unthinkable happened, i remember where i was. I was sleep my sister woke me up saying that Biggie Was Killed last night. I turned on the radio (Hot 97 fm in NY) & Hypnotize was playing i thought that was nothing new the song was on the radio a lot that past few days. Then i heard Angie Martinez (Radio Personality) crying on the radio. I Love this and Hate this song.
A Rare Pic of Big Smiling!

A Rare Pic of Big Smiling!

3. Brooklyn’s Finest (Featuring The Notorious BIG)
This song is technically a Jay-Z Song as it appears on his Debut Album 1996’s Reasonable Doubt. Big & Jay verbally sparred with each other on this joint. This song represented Brooklyn to the fullest, Big even snuck in a few Tupac jabs. I just wished they would have shot a video for this song. Hard to tell who had the better verse they were just flowing, got goosebumps when they shouted out your hood (Fort Greene! you don’t stop!)
2. Big Poppa
C’Mon this is where the explosion of his career emerged, This video was immediately played all day on MTV (Back when MTV played videos) & BET. Big became a sex symbol for a lot of women. His smooth player vocals over the Isley Brothers 1983 hit “Between the Sheets”. Some of the illest raps and metaphors directed towards women, “Cause i see some ladies tonight that should be having my Baby, Baby”. His Star grew, and the legend continued.
1. One more chance (remix)
“First things first i Poppa Freaks all the Honeys, dummies, playboy bunnies those wanting money…” Oh my this joint is the ultimate Biggie Record for me. Smooth Delivery, ill verses, incredible chorus. They used the Debarges’ song 1982 “All This love” Puff was a genius with matching Biggies Voice and raps to these classic R&B/pop records. This song delivered, who can forget the video with countless cameos from a who’s who in Hip Hop in 1994/1995. Big showed a lot emcees how to rhyme, cadence, wit & Style.
The Man, The Myth, the Legend

The Man, The Myth, the Legend

We know that this list could easily include a completely different 10 songs. For such a short recording career he had a plethora of hits. GO BROOKLYN


Ugh Baby Baby!


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