Exclusive: Our Interview With a DeadBeat Dad!

Looks Familiar?

Looks Familiar?

Our Interview With a DeadBeat Dad!

Hey What’s up everybody we stepped it up a notch with this one. The following is a real interview we recently had with a Deadbeat Dad. We asked him some honest questions and he gave us some honest answers. His only request is to hide his true identity, which we obliged. We asked him the questions everyone wants to know, like why are you not providing for your child? some of his answers will shock you, others will be of no surprise. The following is our exact conversation no edits:

TellMeHowiLookNow: Are you a Deadbeat Dad?

DeadBeat Dad: No, but if that’s what you want to call me, fine.


TMHiLN: Why would that be fine, Are you? i wouldn’t want anyone calling me something that i’m not.

DBD: People are going to say whatever they want anyway, they always believe the woman. That’s just the way things are, unfortunately.


Let's ask Maury

Let’s ask Maury

(Please Note: TellMeHowiLookNow Questions Will be in bold type. The responses from the “DeadBeat dad” will be in regular font.)

Why don’t you provide for your child?
I do provide for my child if it is proven that the child is my child.The sad thing is when you’re dealing with a woman who always has a lot of men around your kids, that tends to screw with your head and create doubt. This is a ploy most vindictive women do. Everything was fine with us until i explained to her that we would just co-parent and not be in a active relationship. She switched and turned into a beast from that point. She started saying things like “You’re never going to see your daughter again”. “Go be with that other B*tch you’re f*cking”.
Or my favorite one is “that’s why another man is going to be raising your daughter, if she’s even your daughter”. Crazy things like that.
So you are saying that you would provide for your child but the woman is making it difficult?
Yes, exactly there is a dispute as to whether or not the child is mine but I am not trying to go on Maury and have my business in the street I’m not getting down like that. But those kind of threats don’t sit well with me. Why would you say that if there isn’t a possibility that it is true?
Like Maury always say

Like Maury always say

How old is this child?
7 or 8 months She was born in the middle of December. I’m not going to give out the true B’Day that’s probably too revealing, lol.
How many children do you have?
One and a half and I say half because I truly don’t know if this child is mine, Real talk.
Then what is the hold up with you finding out?
First of all I ain’t going to front I was going to do at home DNA thing but she won’t let me get the baby. I think she know what i had planned, lol but eventually we going definitely handle this in court because if it is my child I want when I want my parental rights.
Are you a good father to your other child?
Of course, i take great care of my child that’s what a real man would do. But this isn’t about that child it’s about this situation. If this lil girl turns out to be mine i will do everything possible to provide for her like i do with my other child, no question.
How is your relationship with that child’s mother? and how old is the child if you don’t mind me asking?
My relationship with the mother is good we don’t see eye to eye on every issue but we’re in a good place, She respects the fact that i take care of mines. The child is 2!
What are some of the things you’ve provided for your child in question?
Listen, i’m going to keep it real. I haven’t done much outside of buying pampers, but that’s due to the fact that she had a baby shower. This baby had everything a baby would need from the jump. Strollers, Cribs, clothes, Car seats, rockers you name it. It’s not much i needed to do. Also you got to remember things between us were good at that point. She kept saying “Wow she won’t need anything for at least a year” those are her words exactly. The baby is only 7/8 months old. I’m like who are you fooling?.
When was the last time you saw your child?
I don’t get to see the child and that is part of the problem the baby is about 8 months old and I maybe seen her about four times.Twice in the hospital when she was first born, one time in the park in another time at the doctors office I had a 2 big boxes of pampers in my car trunk for months trying to get them to her. She complained that she needed milk for the baby i told her No because i know she get WIC.
Has she taken you for child support yet?
No, funny thing she doesn’t know my Real name & address. She’d look like a fool going down there when she doesn’t even know this very important yet basic info.
Is this you?

Is this you?

Wait, she doesn’t know your real name how is that possible?
We was just cool it wasn’t like we were dating and in a real relationship. I pretty much met her at  a BBQ of some somewhat distant mutual friends of ours. You know people that you say what up to in the street they’re not necessarily your best friends but they invited me to the a lil BBQ they were having. I met her there got her number a few days later we linked up. I got it the 1st time in my car. From that point on i wasn’t really into her as far a relationship. She threw that option away by how fast she gave it up. I know it sounds foul but it’s true. You know how they say a women knows from the 1st 60 seconds whether or not she wants to sleep with a man. Same thing with men if a chick gives it up too fast she ruined her ability to have that man as her man cause the respect is lost from that point on.
Hmm interesting point of view
When did the relationship between you two turn sour?
There is no relationship, never was i just felt like once she told me she was pregnant i’ll stand by her until i find out for sure if that’s my seed. We we’re good and we had an understanding until the baby was born. Like i said i went up to the hospital when she had the baby and everything. Then she flipped the script on me talking about moving in together and things like that. I was like whoa slow down we’re not even dating each other.
So to be fair there wasn’t much about her you knew also?
Correct, like i said i never planned on being with this lady. I thought i was going to be just another chick i’m smashing nothing big. We had sex maybe 3-4 times before she told me she was pregnant. only 1 time without protection, i’m not stupid though i know it only takes one time, but still. I found out by doing some investigating of my own that this isn’t the 1st time she accused someone of potentially being her childs father.
So you’re saying she has other kids?
No, this is her 1st child but this wasn’t her 1st time being pregnant you feel me?
Oh okay i got it
Basically she gets around i’m hearing all kinds of stories about her now. Abouth ow there are multiple men around my potential daughter. I’m not the only person she said is the father, Remember i told you she said that to me one day. i just want to get this over with and move on.
Do you have a job?
I am currently employed, yes. I’m doing my thing. I’m young, getting money, i have my own crib, my own whip i’m just living life.
Are you currently in another relationship
No, i’m just doing me.

Is there anything else you’d like to add before we wrap this up?

Yes, Please do not portray me as a deadbeat bum, & have me out here looking all crazy & Sh*t. Just keep it real.


Definitely, We will not add or delete anything you said, that’s a promise. But for the potential readers out there we’d like to have an update on your situation once it comes to a full resolution.

No doubt, that’s my word as a man. Either way it turns out i’ll let ya’ll know. Good looking, This was therapeutic.


Thank You Glad We could help!


Editor’s note:

We reported to you exactly the way it was told to us. It’s not up to us to decide whether or not he’s telling the truth or if he’s lying to us. These type of situations happen everyday there are always 2 sides to the story but unfortunately due to the anonymity clause we’d never get hear from the lady in question. One thing is for sure the only hurt party in these kind of situations are the children.

Did we miss any questions? How was the interview, Tell us what you think




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