29 Historic Places For Black History Month: Harlem, USA

Harlem USA

why was it historic?

Ask anybody in the Black community this question: When you think of African Americans and their roots in America, What place comes to mind?. Most people will say Harlem, Harlem is the unofficial Headquarters for all African Americans in the U.S. It was our little slice of America, a place we called home. African Americans have long called Harlem home since the mid 17 century, It wasn’t a predominantly Black neighborhood until the start of the 1900’s. Harlem provided a central post for everything ranging from The Revolutionary War to the Harlem Renaissance to today’s gentrification of Harlem. Harlem was the place where Malcolm X Rose to National Acclaim as a Prominent Leader in the African American community at large. It’s the place where Duke Ellington & Count Basie performed at the Cotton Club.

          Harlem is very different than it was 50 years ago, there are a lot of changes. Property values are increasing, Harlem is being Gentrified like so many other neighborhoods throughout NYC. Despite all of the changes going on there you can still feel that old time nostalgia. Take the A Train Uptown  to 125th street & visit the World Famous 1) Apollo Theater “Where Dreams Are Born & Legends Are Made!”. Make sure you visit 2) The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. 3) Eat at Sylvia’s a long time staple in Harlem to quench your Soul food thirst. 4) Holcombe Rucker Park in the summer Street Ball at it’s absolute best. These are just a few places to visit, but the list goes on and on. Harlem’s impact on American pop culture extends into Hollywood, with Harlem providing the scenery for countless amount of films past & present. It has a very rich music culture From Jazz to Hip-Hop.


Location: Harlem, New York



Then photo

Apollo Theatre in the 1930's

Apollo Theater in the 1930’s

Now Photo

Apollo Theatre now

Apollo Theater now


There are plenty of places to visit in Harlem, and all of them are worth the visit. Harlem has a legacy like no other especially when it comes to African Americans. We need to embrace our culture more, so that we may preserve it for our children. Harlem represented every facet of life for Blacks the Good (music,Arts & Culture), the Bad (Violence) & the Ugly (Drug Addiction) but you can never deny it’s place in our heart and the Pride we have when that word is spoken Harlem…& i’m From Brooklyn!




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