29 Historic Places For Black History Month: The Lorraine Motel

The Lorraine Motel

February 3rd, 2016

why was it historic?

          The Lorraine Motel was the site where the Civil Rights Movements took it’s biggest defeat. This was the site of the assassination of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As he stood on the second floor balcony talking to some people down below, he was struck in the right cheek and immediately collapsed. Dr. King was staying in room 306 and was heading to a Rally to be held later that evening. He was rushed to the hospital but died 1 hour later. This location remained a center of the Civil Rights Movement years after the death of Dr. King.

          The Lorraine Motel owned and operated by African Americans provided some solace for Dr. King and other Civil Rights Leaders whenever they were in town. The Lorraine Motel was renovated and turned into a museum for Civil Rights in 1991. Since then it has been a staple for (http://www.civilrightsmuseum.org) African American Culture & education. The Lorraine Motel will forever entrenched in the hearts and minds of many Americans of all racial backgrounds.

Location: 450 Mulberry St, Memphis, TN 38103

Then photo:

Lorraine Motel Circa. 1968

Lorraine Motel Circa. 1968

Now Photo:

Lorraine Motel AKA National Civil rights Museum

Lorraine Motel AKA National Civil Rights Museum


          The Lorraine Motel aka The National Civil Rights Museum is a very important place for African American History & Culture. Again this is a must see location especially for African American families. The historical significance is on par with the (Ford Theater or The grassy Knoll) it offers a wealth of education and insight to the plight of African Americans in the USA.   




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