29 Historic Places For Black History Month: Hitsville,USA

Hitsville, USA

February 5th, 2016

Motown, Records Logo

Motown, Records Logo

why was it historic?


The music that changed the world. A small independently owned Record label owned by a African American, Berry Gordy. The Motown records headquarters was better known as Hitsville, USA. This is where Berry Gordy built his legacy and operated one of the most successful independent Record Labels of all time. Introducing the the world to his legendary stable of Recording Artists such as The Supremes, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, Stevie Wonder & of course the Michael Jackson via The Jackson 5. It has been said on many occasions that it wasn’t uncommon to see some of Motown’s biggest artists out in front of Hitsville, USA practicing some of their songs as well as their famous choreography. Conversing and interacting with the community, wanted to meet your favorite singers? take a trip to Hitsville, USA. You also had a slew of new Artists hoping to be heard and signed by Berry Gordy & Motown because quite simply This place made stars!



          Motown Records actually started out as a Tamla Records in the 1959 spurred on by a $800 investment. That same year Berry Gordy made his infamous purchase of 2648 W.Grand Blvd & it became Hitsville, USA. A year later Berry Gordy Changed the name to Motown a nickname for Detroit which was referred to as the “Motortown”. Gordy actually lived & worked at this address and transformed the residence into a full fledged record label. Inside of this building was a state of the art recording studio, which almost single handedly changed the sound of America. It was called the “Motown Sound” These songs followed an almost strict pattern of of catchy tunes, Rhythmic beats and formulaic arrangements. Soul music at it’s best & from 1959 until 1972 Hitsville, USA churned out hit after hit before officially moving the lion share of the operations out west to Los Angeles, California.


Today, Hitsville, USA Still Stands but in a different capacity. It is now a museum, dedicated to the history of Motown Records and the building it was housed in for many years. http://www.motownmuseum.org this is a must see museum if you’re visiting Detroit or if your a fan of the “Motown sound”.

List of notable Motown Artists who recorded at the legendary Hitsville USA studio

The Supremes/The Temptations/Smokey Robinson & The Miracles/ Stevie Wonder/The Jackson 5/The Four Tops/Marvin Gaye/The Isley Brothers/Tammi Terrell/Mary Wells/

Location: 2648 W Grand Blvd, Detroit, MI 48208

Then photo:

Hitsville, USA Circa 1960

Hitsville, USA Circa 1960

Now Photo:

Hitsville, USAHitsville, USA


There’s no denying Motown Records place in history, Hitsville, USA is a living, breathing monument to soul music. I had the priveledge to visit this location (only the exterior) But i intend to visit the museum’s interior on my next trip to Detroit. Many people have come along trying to copy Berry Gordy’s blueprint for success, with varying degreess of success. But one thing is for sure there will only be one Motown & one Hitsville, USA. #thankyou 




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