29 Historic Places For Black History Month: Wall Street

Wall Street

February 6th, 2016

Wall Street

Wall Street

why was it historic?

       Wall Street? Yeah that Wall Street, the one located in Lower Manhattan in New York City. What does Wall Street have to do with Black History Month? Well here’s a little did you know. Did you know that it was Black men (who were enslaved by the Dutch) who actually built the wall on Wall Street. Hence the name Wall Street, also here’s something more intriguing. Whenever you heard or hear Civil Rights Activists claiming the that America was built on the backs of Blacks, believe them, it was true in more ways than one. We know that Black people sustained this nation through our plantation duties. We picked the cotton that was eventually sold to market thus creating an economy. We’re also the main reason Wall Street exists today. A lot of those investors made a fortune with their involvement in the “Slave Business” many people will hate to admit this but it’s the truth.

Wall Street Slave Market Circa. 1715

Wall Street Slave Market Circa. 1715

From 1711 to about 1762 African & Native Americans were traded, rented and sold on the corner of Wall & Pearl Streets. Slavery didn’t just exist in the south, it was very present in the north as well. In New York City alone, 40% of White people owned at least 1 slave. African Americans & Native Americans were being treated as cattle are the very reasons we have a sustainable economy structure. None of this would have been possible without Slave labor, no overhead!. This basic structure of buying, trading & selling Slaves lead to the proper establishment of the New York Stock Exchange. As you know today it’s the biggest Stock Exchange in the world, and it all began on the “backs of Blacks” .

Location: Wall Street, New York City, New York

Then photo:

NYSE Early 1900's

NYSE Early 1900’s

Now Photo:

NYSE Current Day

NYSE Current Day


People can say and think whatever they want but you can’t dispute the facts. Wall Street with all it’s Glory is not void of a sour past. When you think that the creation of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) was due to the overwhelming success of the New York Slave Market AKA New York Meal Market. I’m very proud of the contributions African Americans have made in this country, i’m not proud that my people were once Slaves and people tend to think of all of our past as such. All that is needed is the truth. It shouldn’t take Black History Month to bring this forward, BTW to our ancestors #Thankyou




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