29 Historic Places For Black History Month: Audubon Ballroom

 Audubon Ballroom

February 8th, 2016

Malcolm X & Betty Shabazz

Malcolm X & Betty Shabazz

why was it historic?

          The Audobon Ballroom Located in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan. It’s mostly known as the Theatre/Ballroom Where Civil Rights Leader & Activist Malcolm X was slain. Since it’s inception in 1912 it has had several names beginning with The William Fox Audubon Theatre. William Fox was a movie producer and Entrepreneur who Founded The Fox Film Corporation. Today, it’s called the Dr. Betty Shabazz Education Center, since the re dedication in her honor in 2005. Betty Shabazz was the Widow of Malcolm X. Betty Shabazz herself died in 1997, never had the chance to see what would become of the Audobon Ballroom.

The Audobon Ballroom is now a Museum for all to visit and learn about the life and Legacy of the late Dr. Shabazz & Her husband, Malcolm X. If these walls could talk i like many others wonder what they could tell us. Being in the presence of such an historic setting can give you goosebumps. Like the Ford Theater in DC & The Lorraine Motel in Memphis the events of the day changed the narrative for those locations forever. I know Malcolm X was more polarizing than Dr. King that doesn’t mean he wasn’t respected and as important to African Americans, The Ying and the Yang in many regards. With that said we will continue to remind people of the sacrifices that many leaders ultimately face for the betterment of others.



Location:  3940 Broadway, New York, NY 10032

Then photo:

Audubon Ballroom Circa. 1965

Audubon Ballroom Circa. 1965


Now Photo:

The Dr. Betty Shabazz educational Center & Museum, present day.

The Dr. Betty Shabazz educational Center & Museum, present day.


Like many of the historic locations in our month long tribute to Black History Month. This one is famous for an assassination of a Black Leader. In this case it was Malcolm X Shot and killed while giving a speech on February 21st, 1965. This one however was a little different than the assassinations of MLK, Medger Evers and many other Civil Rights Activists because Malcolm X was killed by his “own” people. He was Killed in the then Audobon Ballroom which still stands today reincarnated as the Dr. Betty Shabazz Educational Center & Museum. A must See, #Thankyou.



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