29 Historic Places For Black History Month: Ebbets Field

Ebbets Field

February 9th, 2016

Ebbets Field plaque

Ebbets Field plaque

why was it historic?

You don’t have to be a Baseball fan to understand the significance of this one. For 44 years Ebbets Field was known as the home of the Brooklyn Dodgers (Now Los Angeles Dodgers) from 1913-1957. This legendary park provided the backdrop to a crucial part in American history. The team was partially owned by the stadiums name sake Charles Ebbets. However, it took the savvy and guts of one of the teams executives and part owner Branch Rickey to make history.

On April 15th,1947 Jackie Robinson officially “broke the color barrier” in Major League Baseball, he trotted out to First base. Jackie Robinson, forever changed the sport with his presence. It wasn’t an easy transition, he dealt with his fare share of discrimination but he persevered. Ebbets Field would never be confused with a state of the art Baseball Field but the history that was created there still resonates with the current Tenants, yes current tenants. That’s because the Brooklyn Dodgers moved the team to Los Angeles in 1957 after they failed to get financing for a new stadium.

On February 23rd, 1960 the stadium was officially demolished, to make room for residential towers. Today those buildings still stand all that’s left there to mark the Historic site is a few plaques and signage throughout the complex & on Bedford Ave. Kind of sad for such an Historic location. 


Location: (Former Location) 55 Sullivan Place Brooklyn, New York City, New York 11225

Then photo:

Ebbiets Field Circa. 1940

Ebbiets Field Circa. 1940

Now Photo:

Ebbets Field, Present day

Ebbets Field, Present day


Growing up in Brooklyn and learning about Jackie Robinson made me especially proud that this happened in my hometown of Brooklyn, NY. It’s sad to know that the team left for Los Angeles, but hey we got the Mets. They do a tremendous job honoring the past of the Brooklyn Dodgers. I often Drive by the the former Ebbets Field site and wonder how it would have been to be alive to witness the shift in the country when Jackie took the field. However, if you’re ever in Brooklyn this would be a nice place to visit, think back to imagine the sounds of the game. Ebbets Field you were soo Brooklyn #Thankyou.



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