This evening NYPD Officer Peter Liang was found guilty of Manslaughter in the 2nd degree and Official Misconduct in the wreck less shooting death of an innocent, unarmed Black man Akai Gurley, 28Officer Liang, who has just been terminated by the NYPD, now faces a maximum of 15 years in prison and he will be sentenced in April. But is free to go home to his family tonight.



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>       To the family of Akai Gurley, (the victim) was killed by Officer Liang on November 20th, 2014 in the dark hallway staircase of the Louis H. Pink Houses (NYCHA) in East New York section of Brooklyn. We know that this is bitter sweet and there isn’t anything in the world you wouldn’t trade to have him back. We are with you tonight in solidarity. No one should lose their life for simply choosing to walk down the stairs as opposed to waiting for the elevator.

>      We are not in the minds of Police Officers as they patrol some of the most difficult areas of the city. We can’t say for sure that Officer liang intentionally tried to kill someone that day, that doesn’t seem likely. But it is for sure that he himself was scared and should have never been placed on that situation. Soldiers do not join the military and think that they will never be called into battle. You have to have the type of mind state to handle these adverse situations. It was an accident of epic proportions, it cost someone their life. Officer Liang says he’s contrite, eventhough his actions that day didn’t seem like it. However he knew he was wrong for having his weapon out and his finger already on the trigger. But he didn’t even try to administer any kind of CPR, these are not the actions of someone who’s sorry.

>      All policemen/Women aren’t bad, crooked or racist but neither are all of the the citizens living in some of the highest crime areas of the city. We hear all the time that people need to respect the Police, which is true. However it is also true that the Police should respect The People. Preconceived notions, stereo types, false perceptions should not rule the day. This Cop wasn’t a Monster! he did something Bad, panicked and made things worst. Having said all of that this was a Just verdict, finally! #blacklivesmatter #stopshootingus #respectgoesbothways.


P.S. If this had been a Black Cop under these same circumstances we would still feel the same way! but if he’s not sentenced the Max there’s going to be outrage!


How do you guys feel about the verdict?



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