29 Historic Places For Black History Month: Schomburg Center

Schomburg Center

February 12th, 2016


Arturo Alphonso Schomburg

why was it historic? 

    >      The Schomburg Center For Research In Black Culture is a Museum/Reseach library, which is apart of the New York Public Library. Established in 1925 after it’s founder Arturo Alfonso Schomburg, an Afro- Puerto Rican Writer, Educator & Historian. Born in Puerto Rico to a Black Mother & a German Immigrant living in Puerto Rico. He received all of his formal education in Puerto Rico then moved to the U.S at the age of 17. He continued to search for answers on the African experience to find out about our culture and history. Compiling a large treasure trove worth of info, in 1911 he co-founded the Negro Society for Historical Research. By the mid 1920’s his accumulation of artifacts, books, & etc led him to be the Chief Curator from 1932-1938 (his death). 1940 The Negro Society For Historical Research was renamed in his Honor to the Schomburg Center for Research In Black Culture.

    >      The Schomburg Center has a huge collection of historical writings, books & pamphlets detailing the African experience since coming to the Americas. The center is located in the middle of Harlem directly across the street from Harlem Hospital. It has an abundance of literature and artifacts and constantly hold public events to entertain and educate the guests on a daily basis. Started out as one building now it has a total of 3 merged together form the complete Library. Whether it be Book readings, special performances or community gatherings the Center helps all pushing forward the agenda of self worth with an historical eye towards the almost forgotten past. 



Location: 515 Malcolm X Boulevard New York, NY, 10037

Then photo:

Sandford-5 1945

Schomburg Center Building Circa. 1945

Now Photo:


Schomburg Center Present Day.


>      As a lifelong resident of NYC it shakes me in many ways knowing that there are so many educational places to visit in my city. We take these places for granted, it is a focus of mine to get out and visit these places like the Schomburg Center. It maintains a wealth of knowledge for and about African Americans. As we all know, but many times forgotten, our story didn’t begin with Slavery. The Schomburg Center is a jewel that needs to be put on full display and appreciated for the value it adds to our story. A must visit. #Thankyou



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