29 Historic Places For Black History Month: Brazil


February 16th, 2016


Brazilian Flag in 3D

why was it historic? 

    >        Hey folks do you realize that other than the continent of Africa. Brazil is home to the largest African decedents in the entire world. During the time of Slavery, beginning in 1532 the Portuguese were heavily invested in the Slave trade they imported over 4 1/2 million Slaves from the coasts of Africa to Brazil. Still today there are more Black people in Brazil than any other place in the world outside of Africa. The Portuguese was so entrenched in the concept of Slavery that Brazil was the last country in the western hemisphere to Abolish Slavery, 1888.

    >       There was very high demand for Slaves in Brazil, Sugar Plantations ruled the day.  Later Gold and Diamond deposits were found in the late 1600’s & played a huge part in the expansion of African imports to the country. The Atlantic Slave trade was responsible for transport of at least 11 million Slaves to the Americas. Brazil has had a huge identity crisis over the years since the abolishment of Slavery in 1888. The Slave trade stole the identities of the all of the men women & children, we became lost, and ashamed of our African ancestry. Being Black seemed like a curse to many Brazilians leading most to not claim this part of their heritage.


Location: Brazil

Then photo:


Brazilian Sugar Plantation Circa 1823.

Now Photo:

Favela Brazil

Favela, Rio De Janiero Present Day.


>        When i first heard that Brazil had ten more slaves transported to their shores, i immediately thought of how bad it was for them. I knew things were bad in the States, meaning that it was ten times worst over there. According to 2008 census many Brazilians identify themselves as either White or Mulatto with only 7% calling themselves Black. Self shaming or lost identity, either way no matter where you may live now Africa is your home. I would love to visit Brazil one day & not just the beaches. It seems our people went straight form the Sugar Plantations directly to the Favelas.


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