29 Historic Places For Black History Month: Spelman College

Spelman College

February 22nd, 2016


why was it historic? 

    >      Like many other Historically Black Colleges Spelman College began it’s Educational Journey in the base of a Southern Baptist Church. Privately owned, founded by two White Women who were teachers from . Their names were Sophia B. Packard & Harriet E. Giles who were Abolitionists in their own right. The first classes began on April 11th, 1881 in the Basement of the Rev. Frank Quarles Friendship Baptist Church. With some funding from Woman’s American Baptist Home Mission Society (WABHMS). The School also received a pledge of $250 From then the richest man in the world John D. Rockefeller. Located in the same Downtown area as Morehouse College & Clark-Atlanta.

    >       In 1883 the school moved out of the Basement and onto land that was once a Union Civil War Encampment containing 5 standing buildings. They received many donations from all over to help settle the debt of the land purchase.But it wasn’t until 1884 when John D. Rockefeller and his wife Laura Spelman visited the school and made another huge endowment of roughly $5000 to pay for the land. the School was then renamed Spelman College in honor of the Laura Spelman and her family who were staunch Abolitionists and supporters of the school. Spelman College is an all Female school with an incredible criteria for Acceptance and excellence. In 2013, the school did something amazing it discontinued their athletic dept. in favor of a Women’s Wellness Center available to all students. To Bring awareness to women’s health issues including Diabetes & Heart Disease. It wasn’t until 1987, when Spelman College an Historically Black Womens’ College have it’s first African American President Dr. Johnetta Betsch Cole from 1987-1996.

Location: 350 Spelman Ln SW, Atlanta, GA 30314

Then Photo:


Spelman College Circa. 1900

Now Photo:



Spelman College is an Historically Black College for Women that wasn’t Created by African American Women. It was largely funded by White People the Rockefeller’s to be exact. This is such an amazing story, that Spelman College which by the way is indeed the oldest Histically Black College for Women in the U.S. Everyday amazing things happen here, The wellness center was a bold and great idea that changed the mindset of a lot of people. While the Athletic Dept. suffered a major loss, the school had a major gain, kudos to Spelman College keep doing great Work Women.

Note: Historically Black college doesn’t mean Blacks only College, all are welcomed. Gender permitting for some schools. 




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