29 Historic Places For Black History Month: Howard University

Howard University

February 24th, 2016


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why was it historic? 

    >      Historic Howard University is a Federally Chartered, Privately Owned Coed Historically Black College. In fact Howard University was the 1st Historically Black College to offer it’s Students a Law Degree. It was Founded in 1867, by Civil War General Oliver O. Howard with help from The First Congregational Society of Washington. The school was promptly named after Civil War General Howard who at the time was also the Commissioner of the Freedmen’s Bureau. A Group of people with the sole intention to resperesent and help Freed Slaves transition into Society.

    >     General Howard would also go on to be the Schools President from 1869-1874. Present Day Howard continues to represent a great opportunity for all races and sexes to earn a highly thought of education. Howard’s School of Business consistently ranks very high as the preeminent option for Minorities seeking a Business Degree according to the Princeton Review. Howard University boasts a who’s who in African American Lure. Alumni include the Thurgood Marshall, the 1st Black Supreme Court Justice. Taraji P. Henson, Actress, Toni Morrison, Author also US Representative Elijah Cummings. In 1975 Howard University opened Howard University Hospital to serve the Community  and serve as a teaching Hospital. HUH is the only teaching Hospital located on a Historically Black College Campus grounds.  

Location: 2400 Sixth Street NW, Washington, DC 20059

Then Photo:


“Old Main” Circa 1869

Now Photo:


Founders Library, Present Day


>      Everyone knows of Howard University, We’ve all heard of how epic Howard homecoming is year after year. I hope this gives some of you a more clearer understanding of the story behind this school. Writing these articles I’ve been learning a great deal and feel a whole lot better about myself, learning more about African American History. Salute Howard University another Great Historically Black College.



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