Mr. Trump! When was America so Great?

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Donald Trump “Make America great, again!”

>So Donald Trump wants to make America great again? But wait what does that actually mean. Isn’t America great already, I mean like most places it’s not perfect, but I’d venture out and say it’s the best option out there for most people of us. Besides, this whole notion that he wants to make it great again has me thinking. I would just like someone to ask him the next time he makes that statement what era exactly is he talking about?. Let’s take a brief look at every decade since the time you were born & you can let us know what point in time you’re referring to when you say “Make America great, again!” 




>Was it the 1940’s?  Nah he couldn’t be talking about the 1940’s because America was still reeling from the terrible attack of the Pearl Harbor Naval Base. We were also at war with the rest of the world (WWII) fighting for freedom and equality for people of other countries, & rightfully so Hitler had to be stopped. Meanwhile here in our country segregation was booming. So no it couldn’t be the 1940’s that wouldn’t make sense.



emmitt till

Emmett Louis Till (July 25, 1941 – August 28, 1955)

>Maybe it was the 1950’s when lynchings and violent assaults on the African American citizens were all too frequent and readily accepted in most parts of the country (Mainly The South). A young boy from Chicago was visiting family in the south wound up mutilated, his name was Emmitt Till. Or what about the cold war, tensions between America & Russia (former Soviet Union) were reaching a boiling point. Communism on the rise? So no it couldn’t be the 1950’s.





>On to the 1960’s, it is possible that this might have been our worst decade yet. The Cuban Missile Crisis had all Americans worried of a Nuclear Attack from the Soviet Union. Inequality was rampant, people like the KKK systematically tortured all non white citizens. You do know who the KKK is now right Mr. Trump?. Not to mention the tally of Historical Assassinations Dr King, President Kennedy, Senator Robert Kennedy just to name a few the country was in shambles, no it definitely wasn’t the 1960’s.




>How about the 1970’s when America was at war again this time in Vietnam the single most unpopular war according to the public, even more unpopular than the Iraq war. The economy was bad, drug use was reaching a fever pitch. What about Watergate? so much is always being said about President Obama. How about President Nixon and his “Dirty Tricks” were times great then or was the White House an embarrassment? an American President had to resign his position due to scandal. The 1970’s weren’t a good representation of America at its best, Sorry.




 >1980’s ahh those Reagan years, a time of prosperity and peace, not. The Great Communicator was also the target of an Assassin, and he almost succeeded, thankfully the President would make a full recovery. We were also on the brink of a possible Nuclear War with Russia those had to be some trying times. 1980’s brought us the epic Crack epidemic that almost single handedly destroyed the Black and Hispanic community at large, times were bad. The 1980’s probably wasn’t that great either.




>On to the 1990’s, the President Bill Clinton years, here you might be on to something President Clinton had the country doing well financially, I’m sure  your company excelled during this time, almost everyone did. (There was also a scandal involving President Clinton in which he was almost impeached for) Coming off the heels of a War with Iraq under President H.W Bush, America was rebounding. But we still had Problems Police Brutality was at it’s finest with the Rodney King beating was caught on tape. Sure things were still bad for minorities but hey the Billionaires were steadily growing their portfolio. The 1990’s was probably the closest to be great but no cigar.




          >2000’s the President George W. Bush years you said so yourself George W. Bush was an absolute disaster as a President were attacked in the worst Terrorist assault ever in our county’s History. America was a scary place, no one felt safe, the Terror meter was always elevated. Bush killed the economy along with help from Wall Street, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and he almost killed the American Auto Industry. Unemployment was through the roof we were back at War with Iraq & Afghanistan a the same time, the early 2000’s was a mess.


Present day


>Now on to present day President Barack Obama has done the best he could as President considering he has to deal with a Congress who’s main goal was to block everything he did and “make him a one term President“. The Affordable Care Act was signed, you Republicans like to call it Obamacare. Sure it has it’s problems but everything does when it’s in its infancy. Bin Laden is Dead, unemployment is around 5%. He saved the American Auto Industry. However, this country seems to still be torn on one of the many issues that stop it from truly being great, Racism. Not even a Black President can stop that, Police Brutality has been at a fever pitch. There is a lot left to be done before we can make the claim that we are a Great Nation, we can be a Great Nation, because we are indeed the Best Nation.


>So again I ask you Mr. Trump when was America so great the time you speak of. It has always been Great for you, a Billionaire but not us 99% ers. I’m not one of those people that’s going to hate on you because you’re Rich, but it does play a big part in your reasoning that America was once Great. Crazy thing i actually like you i do not believe that you’re a Racist or even as outlandish as you make yourself out to be. You’re used to being the Boss and having things done your way. You’ve done a lot in your life, you employ 1000’s of people, you’ve given a lot to many different charities over the course of your esteemed career. The only question that i would like for you to answer is…When was America as Great as you said it once was?



So what do you think?

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