30 for 30: Air Jordan Countdown

30 for 30: Air Jordan Countdown

April 7th, 2016

Air Jordan fans Worldwide knows that this year the Air Jordan Brand/Nike released the 30th edition of the Air Jordan sneaker. Largely to mixed reviews which got us thinking, since there are exactly 30 days in April we should do a daily countdown to OUR favorite Air Jordan Sneaker. These are our guidelines:

  • only original release color
  • only one per shoe per release
  • Air Jordan lows & PE are not included
  • fusions and customs are also not included

With that being said here’s goes everything:

24. Air Jordan 26



Here is the Air Jordan 26, another lack luster looking shoe that didn’t inspire many people to purchase them. Despite having Dwayne Wade in his prime as the main endorser of this shoe & having a similar color way and design of sorts to the infamous concord 11’s. This shoe just simply sat on the shelves of many stores and according to most retailers they didn’t sell many of them until there was a steep price deduction. When i was younger i would have simply brought them for the sake of them being the latest Jordan sneakers. No matter how ugly they looked. Thumbs down button.



So what do you think?

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