Big Game Today Giants vs Packers

giants       VS        packers

New York Giants VS Green Bay Packers

Yeah it’s that time of year again, the NFL Playoffs have begun. While the Playoffs are exciting every year it’s always more special when your team is involved. It should go without saying that we’re Team Big Blue aka NY Giants fans over here. While there’s no doubting the challenge that Aaron Rodgers & the Green Bay present, we’re still a confident bunch.



Playoff Eli

This is a special time of year when Eli Manning converts into his alter ego  Playoff Eli. The magic this man is capable of displaying is what makes him so great this time of year. Let’s face it the Giants are feast or famine, they either win the whole thing or lose the first game. To me today’s outcome will determine if the Giants win “Run the table” en route to the Superbowl.


The Eli Manning led NY Giants have an impressive 8-3 playoff record, which puts him 4th among active Quarterback behind only Tom Brady (22), Ben Roethlisberger & Joe Flacco (10). With more than half of those victories coming on the road (5-2). Eli is no Stranger to playing in the elements going into Green Bay twice and coming out victorious.


You can’t mention the Giants these days and not mention who i think is the Best Wide Receiver in the NFL #13 Odell Beckham Jr. aka the X Factor. Since exploding on the NFL stage 3 seasons he has been nothing short of amazing. The Giants are in position to break any game open just by the mere presence of  #13 he has the get it and go mentality, play maker extraordinaire. also an incredible set of hands capable of making any catch imaginable. Along with the OG Victor Cruz (who i feel is now being overlooked) & Rookie standout Sterling Shepherd. This Wide Receiver group can be ELI-te if given the chance on offense. O Line needs to give Eli a lil more time to find his receivers & McAdoo needs to open up the offense a whole more.


Lastly, but definitely not least our Defense. This store brought in many regards along with our homegrown talent have merged together at the right time to form what many people would say is the Best defense in the NFL. Snacks Harrison, run stopper, Janoris Jenkins, lock down corner, Olivier Vernon, pass rush, Landon collins is probably the best safety in the league to go along with the staples of JPP, Jenkins, Casillas & Rodgers Cromartie. These guys overall gives us our best chance at winning today. don’t sell them short even though Rodgers is great.



Giants 27- Packers 21

I think Playoff Eli reveals himself with a very solid (23-33, 285 yards 2 TD’s & no picks!) Paul Perkins (20 Rushes 85 yards) will stabilize the offense with his make em miss style of running doing the more than enough to keep Rodgers off the field.


who do you got in this game?




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