28 days of Black Inventions: Blood Bank

28 days of Black Inventions

February 5th, 2017

As we normally do this time of year, we’re going to celebrate Black History Month by acknowledging 28 of the most influential, world changing inventions by Black People. Our goal is to shed light on some inventions that most people probably didn’t know about, some of the lessor known inventions as well some of the more notable inventions. So join us on our 28 day journey and you might learn a thing or two.

Blood Bank


We all know the importance of donating Blood, especially in times when there is a emergency or shortage of blood. in the 1st half of the 1900’s donating blood was a noble of a thing as serving in the Military. But blood can only be given then stored for a short amount of time, & in times of war Blood is always needed.

Dr. Charles Drew

In 1933 McGill University of Montreal, Canada student/Graduate Charles R. Drew received not one but two degrees Doctor of Medicine and Master of Surgery. The newly Minted Dr. Drew hit the ground running and immediately began to study issues revolving around Blood and Blood transfusions. He returned to the United States in 1935 as a Professor at Howard University’s Medical School. Throughout his intense research on Blood transfusions and the storage methods of Blood he realized that there needed to be a better way of processing and storing blood.


In 1938, while studying at Columbia University & working at New York Presbyterian Hospital, Dr. Drew developed a method for storing blood for longer periods of time. In 1940 Dr. Charles Drew became the 1st African American to receive a Doctorate from Columbia University, his thesis was titles “Blood Banked”. Dr Drew figured out a way of separating the plasma from blood and extending the life span of the donated blood. This process helped immensely in WWII when Dr. Drew help Bank 14,500 units of Blood for the British soldiers. He later resigned when he found out the US military racist policies pertaining to the Black Soldiers and donors of blood from African Americans. He resigned his position with the Red Cross who was co-spearheading this effort. Dr. Drew is the founder of the Blood Bank & we cannot thank him enough.


Editors Note: Blood Bank is not a place but a process or method of storing blood for safe transfusions for much longer time frames.  #Thankyou



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