28 days of Black Inventions: Ironing Board

28 days of Black Inventions

February 8th, 2017

As we normally do this time of year, we’re going to celebrate Black History Month by acknowledging 28 of the most influential, world changing inventions by Black People. Our goal is to shed light on some inventions that most people probably didn’t know about, some of the lessor known inventions as well some of the more notable inventions. So join us on our 28 day journey and you might learn a thing or two.

Ironing Board


The Ironing Board, so simple yet so important. In the time before 1892 when people needed to Iron garments they would simply lay them on a table. Which was fine & believe it or not most people i know still rely on this method,lol. However, there was a better idea coming down the Pike. Pike county, Mississippi to be exact. An Invention that would make Ironing clothes or sheets a less tedious task.

Sarah Boone


Sarah Boone, a former Slave invented the Ironing Board. A “apparatus (as she explained in her Patent description) specially adapted to be utilized in ironing the sleeves and bodies of women’ garments.” Again most people used a table of some sort to Iron clothes. She thought of a better, more efficient way to perform this task. So in 1892 She was awarded a Patent for the Ironing Board, she was among the very first African American Women to do so. Much isn’t known or written about Mrs. Boone but one thing is clear she owns the Patent.

Editors Note: As with most Inventions by African American during the “Slavery Era” there’s always some confusion or controversy as to who the original Inventor(s) are. One thing is clear if the the People doing the work could find easier ways to do it, they would. I seroiusly doubt it if Slavers tried hard to invent ways to make Slave labor easier, possible yes but very doubtful. Think about it.   #Thankyou



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