28 days of Black Inventions: Butter Churn

28 days of Black Inventions

February 26th, 2017

Butter Churn

As we normally do this time of year, we’re going to celebrate Black History Month by acknowledging 28 of the most influential, world changing inventions by Black People. Our goal is to shed light on some inventions that most people probably didn’t know about, some of the lessor known inventions as well some of the more notable inventions. So, join us on our 28-day journey and you might learn a thing or two.

Butter Churn


In the land before time or so it seemed, life was so difficult considering the absence of today’s technology. Before microwaves instantly warmed up our food & before Dish Washers cleaned our dishes. There was a time when none of these modern conveniences were readily available. The process of manufacturing certain foods was a difficult and rigorous task, It required stamina and skill. For instance, in order to make Butter, someone had to do it by hand using a bowl and you had to stir the cream left over from the Milk. After waiting a few hours, you had to stir and stir then let it sit.

Then there was another option, an Invention that would do all the hard work and cut the amount of time needed to make Butter. The Butter Churner was Invented on February 17th, 1891. The sole purpose was to Churn the Butter and extract all the fats and oil from the leftover Cream or Milk. For Butter being an important ingredient for a lot of food this Invention was great. It was constructed out of wood, with gears and a handle to Churn or rotate with your hands.

Albert C. Richardson

(We could not find a confirmed Pic of Albert Richardson, when & If we do we will post it)

Albert C. Richardson of South Frankfort, Michigan was an African American Inventor. Known for Inventing the Butter Churn. On February 17th, 1981, he received his Patent and the Butter Churn was born. Simplifying the Butter making process and allowing farmers to begin to mass produce Butter at a much faster rate. He was a very Successful Inventor who had many Inventions accredited to his name.

Albert Richardson was responsible for creating the world’s first device for Lowering Caskets into the ground. After noticing the rugged & harsh way Caskets were placed into the earth. He designed a devise based on ropes and pulleys. Believe it or not this same Invention is still used today by Cemeteries. A good idea never goes to waste. There were several other Inventions as well such as the Insect Destroyer & the Hame Fastener.

Editor’s Note:

Today we search the Internet to look for ways to “Hack our Lives” in small yet time saving ways. The Inventors of the 19th & 20th centuries were pretty much life hacking everything and spurred new technology at a rapid pace. The Butter Churn was and still is a great idea. #Thankyou




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