Celebrating Hip Hop Music 365: Nann

Celebrating Hip Hop Music 365!

April 20th

We all know Hip Hop is more than just Beats & Rhymes. It’s a culture that consists of the “5 Elements”. The DJ, The MC, Graffiti, BBoying/dancing & The Beatbox. As we pay tribute to Hip Hop and its 45th Anniversary (August 11th) all year long with some of the most important and groundbreaking songs that embodies the culture to the fullest. In no particular order everyday all year long we will pay tribute these songs and their creators. With that said “GO HIP HOP”

Today’s entry is… Nann By Trick Daddy


Song name: Nann

Artist: Trick Daddy Featuring Trina

Label: Slip-N-Slide Records

Year it was released: 1998

Location: Miami


Trick Daddy

Short Commentary:

Trick Daddy had a certified banger on his hands when he released Nann. The classic male female back and forth song, this one however was a whole lot more raunchy than most songs in this lane. It also was the professional debut of Trina who definitely earned her name “The Baddest B*tch”. This song spearheaded the careers of both artists.



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